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TOP 5 Best iPad Pro Case 2021 Buyer's Guide

TOP 5 Best iPad Pro Case 2021 Buyer's Guide

TOP 5 Best iPad Pro Case 2021 Buyer's Guide: Hey guys! In this article, we're going to share the top five IPAD PRO Cases available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We've considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. 


TOP 5 Best iPad Pro Case 2021 Buyer's Guide

TOP 5 Best iPad Pro Case 2021

If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links below. So, here are the top five Best IPAD PRO Cases.

5. Rebound Slim Smart

The fifth product on our list is the Rebound Slim Smart. The Rebound Slim Smart IPAD Pro case is one of the few iPad cases out there that offers full edge protection while still allowing you to sync and charge your Apple Pencil. This case is made from soft but rigid and flexible TPE material. It also has a polyurethane cover that provides a non-slip grip and protects your gadget from cracks & scratches. 

Rebound Slim Smart IPAD Pro case

Its magnetic front cover seals tightly and, when opened, can be folded into a typing or viewing stand. Rather than the long strips of exposed aluminum that most other cases have,  this IPAD Pro case has individual cut-out holes for all four speakers. It also features the necessary opening for the Touch ID sensor in the power button.  

Designed specifically for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, this unit is compatible with the 2020 and 2018  iPad pro tablets with model numbers A2229, A2069, A2232, A2233, A1876, A2014, A1895, and A1983.  Unlike most cases that feature cutouts for buttons, this unit has integrated button covers that are easy to use. The Rebound Slim Smart IPAD Pro case is slim, portable,  and does not add extra weight to your gadget. You can easily install or remove this iPad Pro case.

Its pros are: 

- This case fits perfectly; 

- It is made of durable materials; and

- Its exterior is slip-resistant. 


- The inside of the cover attracts hair and dust. The Rebound Slim Smart IPAD Pro case offers great front and back protection. It is perfect for iPad  Air 2019 owners as you don't have to worry about your screen touching the table or any surface.


Up next in fourth place is the URBAN ARMOR GEAR. If you are looking for a case that is sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions and protect your iPad altogether, the Urban Armor Gear is your best bet. Built to ride along with your everyday adventures, it has an impact-resistant soft core and a hard outer shell. It meets military-grade drop test standards, enduring 26 drops from a height of 4feet and causing zero damage. 

Despite being feather-light, this iPad Pro case's functionality and protection are commendable. This iPad case's soft folio cover is water-resistant,  firm, and non-slip, providing a secured grip even in wet or slippery conditions. You can also fold the cover backward to create an adjustable stand for your viewing and typing comfort. Furthermore, there is a built-in loop that stores and charges your Apple pencil. UAG's slim profile makes it friction-free and lint-resistant. It slips in and out of purses and bags easily. 

This unit's other features include easy access to buttons and ports,  clean cutouts for glare-free flash snapshots and uncompromised audio, and sleek silhouettes for 360-degree unstoppable protection. The Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro case is compatible with A2229,  A2069, A2232, and A2233 models and incompatible with Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard.

Its pros are: 

- It fits perfectly  

- It has a soft and impact-resistant core; and

- It has a good number of holes for ventilation.

However, the cons are:

- It is well protected but  has a very tight fit; and 

- It is heavy. The Urban Armor Gear's ability to save your iPad from a fatal fall makes it perfect for people who want a high-quality iPad case that can still give full access to their controls and ports.

3. Soke Case 2020  

The third product on our list is the Soke Case 2020. The Soke New iPad Pro case has a book-like design that sets it apart from its counterparts. It is made exclusively for the 12.9-inch 2020 and 2018 iPad Pro, and it offers all-around protection to your gadget. It has a built-in pencil holder that helps store and keeps your Apple pencil safe with the help of the Apple Pencil's magnetic attachment feature while also charging it.

Soke Case 2020 IPAD Pro case

This iPad Pro case is made with a soft Thermo Polyurethane material that is shock and impact-absorbent. To further protect your tablet and screen from scratches, it also has a soft microfiber lining with a PU leather exterior. With this case, you can adjust your gadget's position to either a typing or media viewing position just by folding the cover. 

This iPad case's built-in magnet helps preserve the device's battery life, too, by automatically putting it to sleep whenever the case cover is closed and waking it back up when opened. But before you buy this unit, ensure that you are using a third or fourth-generation iPad pro because it is not compatible with the 2017 and 2015 models.

Its pros are: 

- This case offers full body protection

- It has an auto wake and sleeps feature; and 

- It offers wireless charging. 


- It is not suitable for 2017 and 2015 iPad models. But if this product suits your device, then the Soke Case 2020 is for you, especially if you want an iPad Pro case that ensures a soft landing and shock absorption in the event of a bump or fall. 

2. OtterBox Defender Series

The second product on our list is the OtterBox Defender Series. In terms of protection, the OtterBox Defender Series iPad Pro case is commendable. It features a multi-layer defense system that includes a rigid inner shell, a soft but resilient outer slipcover, and a shield stand. 

OtterBox Defender Series IPAD Pro case

With this iPad Pro case, you can rest assured that your device will escape getting damaged even when it is dropped on certain hard surfaces as it deflects shocks and impacts when it falls from heights. Apart from the legendary protection it offers, the OtterBox Defender Series iPad Pro case guards your tablet against dirt, dust, and scratches. 

The included shield stand serves as a hands-free multi-position stand, while the in-built screen protector protects your screen against scratches or expensive damage that might require replacement. Additionally, the screen protector does not harm the responsiveness of your device. 

Moreover, the Polycarbonate material used in its construction enhances its firmness and grip. The ports are equipped with covers that lockout dirt, dust, and lint from getting into the jack and ports when not in use. Therefore, you can be sure your volume control buttons, charging port, and headphone port are always protected. Furthermore, this unit is compatible with the fourth Gen iPad Pro 12.9 inches and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Its pros are: 

- It fits perfectly  

- It offers dust protection; and

- It offers drop protection. 


- Its screen protector is not scratchproof. OtterBox Defender Series leaves your screen looking new all the time. It is ideal for  Apple users with an iPad Pro 10.5 inch and wants a case to withstand falls, shocks, and bumps.

1. ZUGU CASE Alpha

Finally, our top IPAD PRO Case is the ZUGU CASE Alpha. Invest in this iPad Pro case and enjoy peace of mind. The Zugu ALPHA Case is the unrivaled leader in the iPad case game. It has an ultra-slim design that is attractive and protective, making it ideal for anyone who wants to give their 12.9-inch iPad Pro classy housing. 

ZUGU CASE Alpha IPAD Pro case

With this unit, you never have to worry about where to store or charge your Apple pencil again. The recessed holder on the spine offers you the perfect position to store and charge your Apple pencil. There's also an additional slot to store your pencil when you don't need a charge. 

The ZUGU Alpha Case also ensures that you no longer have to depress any button to wake or put your device to sleep. Thanks to its magnetic cover that not only protects your tablet's screen whenever it's not in use but also preserves the battery life via the automatic sleep and wake function. 

Furthermore, this iPad Pro case has a  magnetic stand that gives you the option of positioning your device at 10 different angles for different activities. The microfiber, fiberglass, Polycarbonate, vegan leather,  and Thermo Polyurethane materials all work together to protect your device from the drop and shock impact, scratches, and scuffs. This product comes with a two-year warranty.

Its pros are: 

- Its has a slim and sleek design 

- The secures your iPad from 10 magnetically-secure angles; and 

 - It has an Apple pencil charging feature. 


- It is only suitable for the fourth-generation iPad Pro.

The ZUGU Alpha Case is an ultra-slim protective case best suitable for business executives and anyone who wants to look all classy when they step out with their iPad. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. We'll see you guys in the next article.

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